Looking For A Silent Partner

Currently looking for a Silent Partner (Financial Backer) to expand my very DIVERSIFIED (Options trading education, digital products, financial/investment/retirement consultation, distressed commercial real estate, asset recovery & much more) West coast based consulting business. You ONLY bring financial resources to this partnership and I bring knowledge & 25 yrs of diversified financial experience and I DO ALL the work for a MINIMUM 1 (ONE) YEAR PERIOD. Profits made split 50/50 during the partnership period. After 1 year WE EVALUATE the working partnership and either continue or dissolve it MUTUAL decision. Biz revenue projection of $800,000+ first year of partnership. ONLY SERIOUS INQUIRIES WITH AT LEAST $2K RIGHT NOW TO INVEST & MOVE FORWARD IMMEDIATELY! PM (Private Message) me on Twitter at @HighInterestGuy. Thanks!



How much (TIME & MONEY) are you willing to INVEST in yourself to be successful? Be Financially FREE? Have a COMFORTABLE Retirement?

Have you MADE that INVESTMENT yet? Made it TODAY? Are you doing that EVERY SINGLE DAY?

How is that working out for you? Are you on TRACK? NO? What are you doing to catch up? TIME is flying.

Are you working with an investment professional to get you there? NO, why not? What type of return (%) is he/she getting you? Are you happy with the yearly return percentages you are getting? If NOT, WHY NOT?

I get a GUARANTEED 16% on my money! ALL THE TIME, no matter what the current interest rates are. YES, I DO! PLUS, I AVERAGE 30%+ (per trade) when I TRADE (Weekly options) on 15 select stocks I know very well. I DO THIS ALL BY MYSELF, NO MIDDLE MAN trading in my own accounts.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or you’re interested in ME TEACHING YOU how I do it. I would be happy to show you HOW I DO IT!