Looking For A Silent Partner

Currently looking for a Silent Partner (Financial Backer) to expand my very DIVERSIFIED (Options trading education, digital products, financial/investment/retirement consultation, distressed commercial real estate, asset recovery & much more) West coast based consulting business. You ONLY bring financial resources to this partnership and I bring knowledge & 25 yrs of diversified financial experience and I DO ALL the work for a MINIMUM 1 (ONE) YEAR PERIOD. Profits made split 50/50 during the partnership period. After 1 year WE EVALUATE the working partnership and either continue or dissolve it MUTUAL decision. Biz revenue projection of $800,000+ first year of partnership. ONLY SERIOUS INQUIRIES WITH AT LEAST $2K RIGHT NOW TO INVEST & MOVE FORWARD IMMEDIATELY! PM (Private Message) me on Twitter at @HighInterestGuy. Thanks!


Want A Guaranteed 16% Return?

A safe secure return investment for ALL seasons? One that’s been around over 100 years that MOST people DON’T EVEN KNOW ABOUT? You have to contact me (PM on Twitter) and simply ASK me what it is. I’ll be GLAD to tell you. It’s an investment that COULD make you WEALTHY and jump start your retirement even IF you haven’t started it yet. Yes, it’s that GOOD! Hit me back (PM – Private Message) on Twitter at @HighInterestGuy. You WILL be happy you did. I will be waiting to hear from you.